Real-time Earth and Moon phase

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Light Beam

Light Beam

Everything is deeper than it seems. It is and isn't a dream, just a never ending stream in-between. One single light beam, we are all on the same team. No such thing as kings and queens, it's all supreme. Impossible to run out of steam. There is no scheme, it doesn't matter what anything means. When we all want the same gene, we tend to wean down to the obscene, turn into mean teens and to nothing are we keen. Everything is deeper than it seems.

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Perfect Line

An artist's dedication to perfection ought to get respect 'n yet it's questioned.
Sliced up by disection until they die and then get affection.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Don't Mistake Me

I am vindicated and without a vindictive vengeance.
So I'm unanticipated by the senses.
Don't mistake my tendency to hide for a form of pride.
I've always participated.
This is my experience and I made it.
Every single original thought I created.
Never bought but wrought because I'm patient.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Move On

Most do what they think is good parenting,
The few who don't stink and aren't parenting.
We know that's truthful.
Can we move on and speak on something more fruitful?
Those who are ambitious are often suspicious.
Those who are lazy are often mentally hazy or crazy.
Got it.
We know that's truthful.
Can we move on and speak on something more fruitful?
Some are dumb cuz everyone assumed their sum before they were done.
Some are smart because either nobody or everybody loved them from the start.
We know that's truthful.
Can we move on and speak on something more fruitful?


Pick Your Battles

I may not win every battle but I'ma choose the ones I lose.
You do have a choice.
Don't you make me use my mom voice!
Most of you other people remember me.
I try and make it a good memory.
Give off good energy.
I don't hide from your judgment.
I don't think I'm above it.
I'm not an enigma,
It's just my independent mind is a stigma.
That's fine.
I just can't stand in line with the masses who spiritually evolve like molasses. I would not have survived past twenty-five. No way I'd be alive.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Since I got here, I've been bought.
So, I thought.
What have I been taught by being bought?
That I am
am not
worth a lot.
I found a spot.
Sat and sought through thoughts.
Called out the frauds and all their shots.
All their oughts and ought nots.
They used them against me,
so I fought.
If not, they'd leave me distraught.
Now those who thought they bought me got caught.
It's God thats got me,
so stop.
You can't stick shit in my slot.

Made It

You didn't think I would make it.
Did you think I'd sit back and take it?
I'm brighter.
I'm a fighter.
You better bet I'm a writer.
I make use of a pen.
Recite truth from within.
Need proof?
Ask my friends.
This isn't pretend.
I'm a little intense,
but don't mean or take offence.
You need some cents?
Here's two;
something dense to chew,
we're all alone.
It's just you.